Shakedown of the Suicidal Thoughts Anchor


Welcome, I am so glad you are here. I want to be able to give you some direction on what to do if the thoughts of suicide start up again. You have more power than you feel. If you are in crisis, call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 only if you are a Veteran. Text: HOME to 741741 to text a live counselor.

Talking Flame

Keep taking about what has you thinking of suicide. Know what has you wanting a way out. If you don’t know keep talking until you do. Get a therapist; schedule an extra appointment if you already see a therapist. Talk to people who get it, nothing worse than opening up to someone who shuts you down. Go to people who know how to respond.

List of Living

Make a list when you are feeling at your best of what keeps you going. Add in the things you are good at, sometimes we can struggle to remember the good when we are in the bad. Add future goals to this list. This list is an ever changing list, as you are. Name the list something amazing like ” Beginning of the Magnificent.”

Food Speculation

Here is the deal, you are what you eat. This is real and it is not going to change. Serotonin is technically a neurotransmitter and is released in the gut, regulates behavior, sleep, memory, digestion and sexual desire. Fruits and vegetables clean us out and help us maximize the release of serotonin. Dopamine is also neurotransmitter that is responsible for emotion regulation, it is also released in your gut. I am a strong believer in gut health. Take a pro-biotic daily, it will help balance your gut. Take Folic Acid to help serotonin and dopamine receptors be received your brain. As a society we have underestimated the power of a healthy diet and emotional health. Eating healthy will help you feel better emotionally.

Gift of the Shut Eye

Get some good rest, even if you can’t sleep lay down. The most current research has found a correlation between thoughts of suicide and lack of sleep. Feelings move, they are like water they are going to change forms again. You might find that when you wake up from a nap you feel better.

Imminent Safety

Create a safety plan. Make it solid. This is best when it is created by you. After all, you are in charge of your mental health. You will get out what you put in, so when it comes to the safety plan, make this detailed and make a commitment to use it. One example could be:

  1. Reach out to a loved one (have the phone number ready)
  2. Sleep
  3. Eat fruit and/or vegetables
  4. Create a distraction (music, walk, go to a public place)
  5. Watch a funny movie
  6. Reach out to the crisis line, text
  7. Set up an appointment with therapist
  8. Write feelings down (review my list of living)
  9. Plan a future trip
  10. Schedule an appointment with therapist
  11. Read this blog/seek resources that have helped me in the past
  12. Help a friend
  13. Get rid of means when there is a plan
  14. Call 911

This is the shakedown on the thoughts of suicide anchor. It’s really brave to say the truth, and look within. When I first shared my story in therapy I cried my eyes out in front of a group of twenty. What a fiasco? I let so much go. I grew that day because I took a risk. Take an emotional risk in group and individual counseling sessions every chance you can. You deserve to grow. Don’t be stingy on the feedback, comment below give me feedback. What was helpful and what wasn’t? Request a topic.

Christine Weller, LMHC

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